Wheelers' Paramill in Use
Wheelers' Paramill Close-Up

Are you a wheelchair user looking for exercise, training or rehabilitation equipment after a spinal cord injury? Wheelers’ Paramill is the answer. Our Paramill (wheelchair treadmill) provides exercise and fitness opportunities for wheelchair users that compares to no other.

The Paramill was invented by a wheelchair user, for wheelchair users. Larry Pestes, the inventor, designed the Paramill because he knew he needed exercise that he couldn’t seem to find elsewhere. Living in rural Oregon, the only place he could find to exercise was along the side of country roads, which wasn’t exactly safe.

Wheelers’ Paramill is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of training equipment for the wheelchair community. Our products feature superior reliability and performance and provide significant advantages for rehabilitation clinics, training facilities, athletic clubs, hospitals and other facilities when working with someone in a wheelchair. The unique characteristics of our Paramills, combined with our innovation, provide a decided advantage to those facilities as they seek to deliver a workout, training or rehab solution to the wheelchair community.