At Gyms and Fitness Centers

There are few ways to easily work out safely on a consistent basis. In fact, we can think of only one. With a Wheelers' Paramill in your home or gym or training facility. The design is safe and intuitive, created by someone who knew exactly what he wanted from a workout -- the freedom to push himself as hard as he wanted. Our machines offer you: 

  • A patented locking system that secures you to the machine so you don't have to worry about it. 
  • A patented split roller system so you can customize your training sessions and focus one shoulder, for instance, if the other is injured or fatigued.
  • Rollers that let you push in reverse, conditioning the supportive muscles, opposite those you use to move forward.
  • A balanced workout that helps you burn more calories, strengthen all your key muscles and feel healthier and more energetic. 
  • Wide roller machines that accommodate sports chairs
  • Track chair attachments for three wheel track chairs