Adaptive Sports

The Paramill is a great tool to prepare any athlete. Access to a variety of resistance setting enables each athlete to work toward their goals, build endurance and gain strength. Split roller system works in both forward and reverse to strengthen opposing Upper Body Muscles.


  The Paramill is used in SCI rehab facilities as a tool for therapists to teach proper technique. The patented split roller system works in both forward and reverse to strengthen opposing upper body muscles and minimize repetitive motion injuries. Therapists can simply recognize strengths and weaknesses in both arms to help customize therapy accordingly and record data with USB session tracking.

Athletic Facilities

Gyms are equipped with handicap parking, entrance ramps, accessible bathroom facilities and pool lifts. Everything a wheelchair user needs to get to and around the gym but nothing fitness related once they get through the doors.  The Paramill will give gyms a reason for chair users, along with their sports teams, family members and friends, to obtain memberships and enjoy the same opportunity for a cardio workout, pulse tracking and heart rate monitoring that other members have on treadmills. 


 With the growth in popularity of adaptive sports at colleges and universities, the Paramill allows Campus recreation and/or fitness and wellness departments to offer students, faculty, staff and alumni departments the opportunity of cardio exercise and athletic training to individuals in wheelchairs.   

Seating Clinics

Therapists are able to observe patients in a stationary position to ensure proper measurements and fit as they work with patients in providing new chairs or making adjustments, all while providing strength and conditioning. 


The Paramill is an innovative way for our veterans to to maintain and develop essential strength and endurance for everyday life and rehabilitation. We are proud to serve those whom have served to protect our freedom!

Private & Public Schools

Having a Paramill enables a safe way to provide an equal opportunity.

Community Centers

Treadmills are are readily available at most community centers. A Paramill will be a great addition. Wheelchair users will be provided an independent opportunity to utilize a machine that will enhance a healthier lifestyle.  

Paralympic Training

The Paramill is the ultimate training tool for wheelchair athletes that need a challenging yet safe and climate controlled environment for workouts. The patented split roller systemworks the left and right sides independently in both forward and reverse. These workouts will help to improve cardio endurance and strengthen opposing muscles to create greater balance for athletes.   

Private Use

The Paramill enables the user to workout at home in a climate controlled environment. Helps build muscle, for a healthy, active lifestyle. Ability to save workout data to track progress and growth. A safe independent way to gain a cardio workout with a variety of resistance settings. 


Do you see a treadmill in Hospitality Fitness Centers? Become adaptive and create an environment for everyone to maintain their exercise routine. Hotels, Cruise Lines and many more can provide an equal opportunity.


Compile data, track progress, observe in a climate controlled environment. The Paramill enables researchers access to the subject in a stationary position. 

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